Luke Newbould. Photography _ Research _ Design

Photography, Printmaking. 2023.

Impressions of Spain is the first published work from Luke Newbould, a homage to the sentiments of the 19-year-old García Lorca’s Impresiones y paisajes. The project began with a week-long trip to Granada in April, 2023. Returning for an extended period in the summer, the project moves through ten cities from the north to the south of Spain. Each image is handprinted on artisanal paper. Six works displayed in London Gallery West in January, 2024.

Artist Statement

Impressions of Spain materialises as a bridging gap between my youth and adulthood. It is a personal memory and document of my journey. Growing up partly in Andalucia, I had many relationships marked by a language barrier. With this project I’d like to point out the divine in a universal photographic language.

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Design, Photography, Interviews. 2022 - Present.
Exploring personal and artistic influences, interview-based magazine Sirocco Journals holds conversations with musicians, artists, ceramicists, academics and photographers; taking an interest in artists from under-represented areas such as Indonesia, Brazil and Syria who reflect upon inspiration, love and light. Directed and worked with small editorial teams to execute shoots with the likes of Loshh Aje, Onome Edgeworth and Jevon. Distributed, displayed at: The Photographer’s Gallery, Tenderbooks, Pic-nic, Reference Point, 180 Studios.
1. Expression Issue: Cover by Mikael Siirilä
2. An Archive of Inspiration: Cover by Tomoko Nagakawa

Design, writing and production by Luke Newbould

Art Direction, Photography, Concept Development. 2022 - Present.
Administrated from a cross-culture fusion of references, arranged to respond to practical imperatives and aesthetic vision. Working creative and technical assets, visual research and production. Select Projects: Photography, visual research and design for Series 01 physical lookbook. Brand setting and site development. Collaboration on projects with Artisanal One, Jevon.

Photography: Luke Newbould
Jewellery: Kay Hammond

Curation, Writing. 2023 - Present.
Writing intern at c4 journal. Tasks include: writing short and long-feature articles, curating photographer’s’ works, in-conversations, updating the site via WordPress. 

1.  Alex Picasso: Alright Sunshine
2  Bettina: Photographs and works by Bettina Grossman
3. Caderno de Rodagem: Vitalina Varela
4. Inge Meijer - The MoMA Plant Collection

Writing and layout by Luke Newbould

Photography, Art Direction. 2023 - Present.
Intern to Creative Director Adémidé Udoma with creative and technical assets, photography and visual research. Select Tasks: Suggesting printing techniques and photographic methods. Archival photography for Artisanal One and behind-the-scenes. Collaboration on projects i.e directing Loshh Aje for Sirocco Journals. Photography assistance for ABAGAVELLI (9/2023 - 12/2023).

1.  Artisanal One Fitting. Photography by Luke Newbould
2  ABAGAVELLI ‘Truth’ Collection. Photography by Ivor Alice _ Assist by Luke Newbould


20-year-old cross-discipline photographer in London with an interest in physical print, documentary photography and avant-garde design; founder of the artisanal practice Sirocco Studios. An open-minded and research-based approach has allowed for a defined vision. Experience includes: printmaking, creative research, photography, writing & art direction.


Sirocco Studios (Practice, Founder 2022 - Present), Second Name Agency (Agency, Production Assistant, 2023 - Present) Artisanal One (Practice, Creative Assistance 2023 - Present), c4 journal (Platform, Contributing Writer, 2023 - Present ),  Bolton School (Photography Archiving, 2023)


Pioneering a stylistic truth through photography and design. The first explorations are presented through Impressions of Spain (2023) and Sirocco Studios (2022 - Present) with further works in development.